I am a computer programmer and system administrator for the Michigan State University Libraries. I am in charge of maintenance of dozens of Linux servers, and I am also one of the three Windows system admins.

This is a personal website I set up to learn more about Drupal 7 and system administration. At my job, I do the same things (and plenty more), but with my own VPS, I can set up any service I wish. Having to set up a domain from scratch has taught me a lot more about DNS and email hosting, and I find the challange stimulating.

As a techie, I enjoy tinkering with all my devices, hence my love for Android. I am the type who roots their device the minute it is out of the box. I am active on the Android StackExchange site (see my flair below), and I love browsing XDA Forums and other Android related sites. Slashdot.org is my main news site, and I am an avid follower of Slickdeals which always has amazing, community-found deals.

Aside from computer work, I enjoy playing the piano, playing video games, reading books, and spending time with friends. My wife and I have two cats that we adopted after fostering them when they were 1 month old, and we enjoy fostering other kittens from time to time. For more details about my work experience, check out my current resume.

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