How to download flash videos hosted on Amazon S3

Amazon S3 is a paid service many websites use to host their media files. For example, my church (University Reformed Church) uses it to store mp3 sermons.

Most websites who use Amazon's hosting service will also use Amazon's flash player to stream the video to the end user. This makes it difficult to get access to the original video. This is the feature I will show you how to circumvent.

First, view the source code of the web page that has the flash object. In the flash object parameters are two strings you must locate: streamer and file. The url of the video source is a combination of these two strings, plus the string /mp4: in between.

For example, if
streamer = rtmp://
file = series/orl13/browser_mediumq/ORL13.08.mp4,
the actual location would be

The /mp4: string is apparently a constant used by the streamer.

To download the video, open a linux command line and cd into your destination directory. Decide on a filename for the video, then use it in the following command:
rtmpdump -r rtmp:// -o video.mp4

This was something I had to figure out on my own in order to download a large sermon from another location. I then split the video to grab a 4 minute segment in order to use in one of our church's sermons.



Is there no way to download this via http?


I mean, can't we decode the URL of the original video by looking through the source code of the webpage?

I went ahead and installed rtmpdump and am downloading a ligonier video.


In my case, i don't have linux and i can't see the source code from the flash video i want to download -

any ideas how to make it work?